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Shenzhen Zhong Peng PhotoelectricTechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale agent channel provider with rich experience in the electronics industry. With its unique management methods and high-quality services, it constantly carries out business innovation, improves sales performance, and becomes the everlasting excellence of the distribution industry. Businesses make consistent efforts! Products are widely used in communications, instruments, audio and video display, data acquisition, networking, ARM development, aerospace, military equipment, medical machinery, precision instruments and other fields, in the power system products, program-controlled switches, communications equipment decoders, tax control Equipment, numerical control equipment and industrial control equipment and other fields have a wealth of supporting experience. Especially in large-scale programmable devices (CPLD, FPGA, PROM), high-speed static memory (SRAM) and other types of high-end memory (dual-port RAM, FIFO) and other microcontroller embedded systems are extremely advantageous. Shenzhen Zhong Peng PhotoelectricTechnology Co., Ltd. has stable and good supply channels. Shenzhen Zhong Peng PhotoelectricTechnology Co., Ltd. serves the customers, so that the purpose of benefiting customers, implement the "quality-oriented, credibility first" concept allows customers to feel more comfortable and worry, saving time and effort for the customer more cost-effective ..... .

Our sales range

The company has a number of high-quality product development, marketing and corporate management personnel, product exports to more than 90 countries and regions, high-quality products and quality services so that our products are not only deeply trusted by Chinese customers, but also far Sales to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Japan, South Korea and other regions, and won the praise of users.
We insist on continuously blazing new trails and providing the best quality products and services for users at home and abroad.

Our corporate culture

Mission: "Provide transparent and efficient Internet services for the electronics industry!"
Values : Users First, Everything Based on Creating User Value
Entrepreneurial spirit: Enthusiastic change, positive

Shenzhen Zhong Peng PhotoelectricTechnology Co., Ltd.

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